Apr 3 2012

Visiting a Sick Friend


My wife asked me if I could drive her to visit our sick friend. I am not very comfortable when it comes to visiting a sick person, but I don’t to disappoint my wife so we went. While on our way, we prayed that God will give us wisdom in what to do during our visit. We also prayed that God will put right words in our mouth. After we prayed, my wife reminded me to buy some fresh fruit baskets for our sick friend.

When we arrived at our friend’s house, we showed warmth and smiles on our face. I saw the joy in her heart while we were there. We talked about a lot of things and she was very open about her sickness and how she felt with the things she is experiencing right now. We never stayed long because we know she needs a lot of time to rest. However, my heart was filled with great joy because when I reached home, I received a text message from her thanking me and my wife with our presence.

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